Better Eldar Jetbike

First Casts

I finally picked the mold release agent up from the sorting office yesterday and I have made my first cast. I’ve been mildly surprised to find it worked almost perfectly, with only some minor air bubbles that are so small I don’t think I’ll bother fixing them.

Here’s what it looked like when I cracked open the mold. Really good registration on the detail:

Demolded, you can see the large extent of flashing that I think is fairly common with home casting:

It cleaned up really easy though, with virtually no mold lines. Here are the parts in situ with the Eldar and Reaver jetbike parts:

Now to begin mass production!

Meanwhile I have poured the first half of the mould for the seer legs and have been tinkering with arms for the Guardians/Shining Spears. Here are the first two:

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