Blood Bowl Orcs

Blood Bowl Troll

After the painstaking process of painting a Skaven Linerat in comic book style I was on the hunt for something speedy. In the best tradition of “finishing your stuff”, I delved into my box of work in progress projects and alighted on this troll, who I had started painting some years ago (see first image) at the same time as I painted the rest of my Blood Bowl Orcs, but got bored or disheartened.  I decided with what I have learnt about speed painting recently and more importantly with the addition of contrast paints to my arsenal, I could do a passable job at the advanced glazing style used on the team (I talked about the style here and showed the finished models here) but in a fraction of the time.

I thought briefly about starting from the half painted stage at which I’d left off but realised this would not be condusive to a quick paint job.  The end of the month is fast approaching and I have only painted 2 models so far – not a great haul for the friendly “finish your stuff challenge” I take part in at YakTribe. Instead I did a new zenithal base coat, except having watched a lot of Marco Frissoni videos lately I painted the model in screamer pink (a deep magenta) instead of the more usual black or brown, before the white zenithal spray. This gave the whole model a warm underlying hue and left megenta in the shadows. This colour complements the greens and yellows I planned to glaze over the skin, sitting, as they do, opposite magenta on the colour wheel.

After that the model was a couple of hours work. The skin was done quickly with a couple of greens mixed from sepia, yellow and blue contrast paints, and wiped off the high spots – much as you would normally do with oils. I glazed extra shadows in with megenta and dark turqouise contrasts. I then went back over the skin stippling some lighter shades mixed with combinations of those base green contrasts plus genestealer pink and phalanx yellow.

The piece of statue that the troll is about to lump someone with was simply glazed with seraphim sepia and then came together nicely at the end by applying a a dark brown heavy wash with added PVA over it, again wiped off after application. This is the “gunge method” I originally came up with for painting tanks really quickly, have since applied to terrain, and more recently have ventured into using on models, and again being similar to some techniques more commonly done using oil paints. I really must start using actual oil paints one of these days!  I hit certain other areas with the gunge too – the feet, details around the neck and the trolls limited clothing.

It was great fun to revisit this dusty desert/badlands basing approach to, and as I’m now running out of models to paint for this team I may have to find another project I can apply the same basing scheme to.  For the trolls base I found a complete skeleton upper half which I sanded down on a piece of sandpaper taped flat to my desk, to become the half buried skeleton you see here.

It is completely unintended but the sort of gormless slack jawed sculpt combined with the way I painted the eyes have made the troll quite a sad and lost individual. I almost feel sorry for it.

For the Gitflingas now, I probably only need a couple of goblins, maybe a model to represent star players Varag Ghoul Chewer and Fungus the Loon, and apart from that it’s just sideline staff – who I already have built in the WIP box I fished this troll from, so might appear here soon.

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