Guild Ball Butchers Guild


NOTE: Unfortunately, the images for this project have been irretrievably lost.

Brisket is the teams striker and the source of some controversy since she’s actually pretty good at scoring, and many players think this makes the Butcher’s too good at playing football when they already excel at taking the opposing team out.  I have some sympathy with this view, since scoring with Brisket on the pitch does always feel like a pretty realistic option – she is fast, has a good scoring range, is good at kicking and can easily increase both her range and kicking ability with the Super Shot play.  She’s also got easy access to tackles and dodges in her playbook making her in other words the complete scoring package.

The model is not really to my taste and as with Boar I’d have preferred a static posed model that matches the concept art (she is pictured, obviously, on the left above).  This is a matter of taste of course and difficult to do anything about short of scratch building or kitbashing from an entirely different range, and unlike Boar there is nothing technically wrong with the sculpt so the only work to do was to pin the right arm and securely base the model.

Brisket’s contact point with the base tab is potentially a weak point so to avoid any future problems I cut a plastic wedge to go under her foot and added a supporting pin between her shins and the ground that will later be disguised with a bush.  As I was doing all this, I also built up the height of the base with some sprue offcuts to give her a bit more stature on the pitch, and then covered everything with cork detail as usual.

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