Ox is the team captain and is a bit of a beast, able to give and take a significant amount of punishment as well as buffing the rest of the Butcher’s damage output.

Guild Ball Brisket Art

There are two versions of Ox, the Kickstarter limited edition in a fairly active but in my opinion slightly awkward pose, and the retail version, with crossed arms, glaring sternly across the pitch.  It’s very good in my opinion and so obviously was the version I picked up.

No conversion work or fiddley construction was required – the axe fit snugly into the recess designed for it.  The only slight amount of work I did was raise the model up on some sprue offcuts, snugly sandwiching the base tab which is otherwise too thin to create a strong join with the base.  For safety I also pinned one heel to the base.

photo 2

I then built up around the sprue with paving stones cut from a wine cork, removed the modest mould lines with a scalpel and sponge sanding block, and construction was done.

photo 1

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