Guild Ball Butchers Guild


Shank is described as a winger.  He’s incredibly fast and under the right circumstances is able to quite easily make a turn 1 charge and deal a lot of damage, which is generally not possible for most guilds and players, making Shank a unique and dangerous threat.

The model for Shank is technically very good but I had just one main gripe with it which is I simply didn’t like his hat!  This is a purely personal dislike, but like Boar I ended up beheading Shank and hunting for a better replacement head without the cap.

I struggled to find a suitable head to swap in here.  Virtually all of my bits are from Games Workshop ranges and I realised that GW tends towards manly, rugged faces, whereas Shank is depicted with quite pinched, delicate features.  I eventually settled on a barbarian head from a company called The Russian Alternative. Then sculpted a new neck, collar and top knot which was made to flow into the long hair the stock model has.

The hands are of course pinned and gap filled, and I also removed the flailing chains attached to the handles of Shank’s weapons, as they are not really to my taste, seem very impractical, and would probably break off in time.

The base was finished with paving stones and the remnants of a fence post made from snapped balsa wood.  No reinforcing pins were necessary despite the running pose, so Shank is just wedged into the base with plasticard shims and then I puttied over the slot.

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