Eldar Phoenix Lords

Jain Zar


Released in 2019 and, looking back, featuring on my laughable “2020 goals”, Jain Zar has been half painted and either in my “work in progress” box, or on my “things to work on very soon” shelf, for years.  This is a stock model painted passably, so I’ve not got much to write about it and shall get straight into pictures…

I struggled for a recipe to achieve a deep, rich cherry red, a colour scheme based on my first ever squad of howling banshees, contrasting this with cool greens and blues. The final push to finish it off came from Yaktribes “finish your stuff challenge”, since I realised on the last day of April that with a concerted effort I could push her over the finish line and make April a pretty decent haul for finished models.

This completes this project log*, and along with the Avatar means I can finally field the “Phoenix Court of Khaine”, a death star Apocalypse unit that might well have been the initial inspiration for starting to convert and paint all the Phoenix Lords.

* Or… does it? There are still technically three aspects without a Phoenix Lord. I don’t know if there is much mileage in a Shining Spear or Crimson Hunter lord, but a Warp Spider one could be a very cool mini project…

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