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July: Asurmen & Wraithblades

Let’s just ignore the huge gap between March and now, shall we?

This month, I vowed to finally complete Asurmen (a model I converted in April 2016) and a squad of Wraithblades that I’d finished one model from years ago.  There wasn’t much of note about this month’s project – a standard paint job using the same painting recipe I’ve used on my Eldar for donkey’s years with the low point being the need to paint about 350 shiny gems just on the 4 wraithblades (a legacy of a one time decision that all of the little bumps on Eldar armour would be gems).


Asurmen has received modernised weaponry and appearance, and he’s grown several millimeters over his 90’s incarnation. You can read how I converted Asurmen and see more photos of the finished model on my Asurmen conversion post.

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