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Dungeonbowl Accessories

My only completed hobby project in June was the set of treasure chests and portals from Dungeonbowl. Bit of a slow down this month due to needing to work on some paintings (art) and most leftover hobby time being put towards building a modular troll for my Underworld (coming soon).

As my College of Shadow for Dungeonbowl will be built alongside my Underworld and painted in comic book style, I originally thought to paint these accessories in the same style but a short practice painting black lines around the coins in one of the chests was enough to dispel me of that notion.  I resorted to a simple speed paint using basic layers and the gunge method for naturalistic shading and weathering (I really need to make a dedicated tutorial page for this, as I mention it so much, but until I do it is most thoroughly described in the speed painted stormlord post).

For the portals I applied what I learnt about contrast paints when working on the Etherfields models, specifically the nice effects created by wet blending and the ability to remove a lot of the paint after applying to leave a very faint stain, which is how I have this sort of glowing effect which increases towards the middle of the portals.  The gunge shading and weathering on the outer stone circle contrasts nicely with the ethereal glowing portals (an effect I may one day go back and accentuate with some OSL on the inner edges of the stone). They should make for a visually effective game piece in the dungeon.

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