Chaos Warriors, Part 2

At the end of the last post I  mentioned that the walking Chosen legs were posing me the most difficulty.  I think that’s because they are very similar to the actual Chaos Warrior legs, meaning they sort of appear to  be pacing forward slowly, if menacingly, and this means it is more difficult to impart dynamism in the pose.

Straight after posting I decided that I couldn’t go to bed without fiddling some more with those legs to try and get them to work.


Here are a couple more relatively uninspiring poses.  The one on the left has a Chaos Warrior shield and helmet and one of the Chosen power axes.  I daresay there is a cloak of some sort hiding back there as well.  On the right is a better effort with Gor Champion axe, Marauder sword arm and one of the cloaks from a different Chosen.  As you can tell I am digging the two weapon look more than most other options.


This has a certain majesty, though if I’m not careful I’ll end up with quite a number of twin axe wielding Warriors who appear to be approaching their foes in an open stance, as I seem to often end up with something like this while experimenting, probably because t’s easy to make look good.


Finally getting somewhere I think.  The key here is to cut the torso in half, allowing the upper torso to be twisted and leant forward.  This allows the axe arm to actually look like it’s about to strike, as opposed to just being held up in the air.  A bit more dynamism can be imparted by leaning the model forward on its base as illustrated to the right. I also used two cloaks layered on top of each other, one from a Wood Elf Glade Guard and one from the Marauders kit.  I really like this model, I think it looks very menacing.  Certainly not what your average Empire State Trooper wants to see bearing down on him during a battle.


Inspired by my cutting efforts I took the hacksaw to another of the Chosen bodies.  Twisting the torso to the left allows the potential for a spear throwing/jabbing sort of pose, left (using a Marauder Horseman spear), which could work though I’m undecided on how manly a spear actually looks for a Chaos Warrior. Twisting the torso to the right again imparts that sense of an impending downward strike.  Here I’m using a Chaos Knight arm and weapon.   Having a bit of a ‘mare with blu tac on this figure I think as it looks like it’s about to fall apart, and I also dislike the actual mace head as I think it looks to Imperial.

One thing I didn’t realise when I picked up the various auctions of Dark Vengeance Chosen is that sellers almost always strip out the Chaos Lord and Aspiring Champion models, both of which are awesome. Once I’d established this and rectified the problem by picking 3 of each of those too I started messing around with them as well.


The above is based on the Lord and is a bit more developed than any other model shown so far, in that I’ve actually replaced one boot and have glued things together.  The Lord already has more Chaos Warrior-like detail with the hip armour plates and a truly impressive cloak.

I’ve swapped his Plasma Pistol for a suitably primal looking axe from the Beastman Gor kit, which I’ve assembled being gripped near the blade.  This style of grip, to me, looks more brutal and is one I will be using a lot in this army.  The heads of two unfortunate victims conveniently cover up some of the old Chaos Marine detail  under his left arm and a Chaos Warrior sword and helmet complete the assembly.  I just have to swap the other boot and then progress to Procreate on this model.


Here’s a second kitbash this time based on the Aspiring Champion.  I have again succumbed to the dual axe load out with the high grip.  The axe in his right hand is the one the Aspiring Champion comes with, but with 40k detail removed with a knife and liberal application of Tamiya extra thin cement.  I’ve been using this stuff not just to glue but also to blend gaps and smooth rough cut surfaces.  It’s far easier than filing and sanding and a god-send for these conversions where there is quite a lot of 40k paraphernalia to remove.  I mounted a Gor shield and Marauder furs on his back and used a Marauder shoulder pad.  Again apart from the boots this model is ready to go to the putty stage.  It’ll be mounted at quite an extreme angle on its base to achieve this mid-charge effect.  Because this model has two axes, one of which is bloody huge, and a shield, it could conceivably do triple duty to cover off all the Chaos Warrior equipment options!

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