I’m beginning this plog with an inspiration post.  This will be a “living post” that I’ll update with new links whenever I find something.


Armybook Artwork
Disparity between the models and the artwork is rarely as large as with the Warriors of Chaos.  There is no comparison between the fairly woeful Chaos Warrior and Marauder models and some of inspiring artwork in the book.  Below are some of my favourites.




Modelling Logs

Middenheim Marches North – Lateksimajava (Warseer)
Extensive use of unit fillers here, and some good dynamic posing and ranking to create a mid-combat feel to the units.

Ogre Maneaters – Lew (Warseer)
Not chaos, but this is where I learnt how to do snow bases properly.  A mammoth log well worth reading, from someone who knows how to keep his readers engaged.

Esco’s Fantasy Projects – Esco (Warseer)
Dioramas and sculpts of insane quality.  Nurgle, admittedly, but still inspiring and loosely related to my theme.

The End Times – Sammun (Warseer)
Mixed model/weapon Warriors of Chaos.

Stormwolves of Norsca – Brand (Warseer)
I don’t like the direction the models eventually took with paint but the concept and converted Marauder units are great.


Some of the Warriors of Chaos Miniatures
Despite the basic kits being poor to middling, there are one or two stonkers in the range that I thoroughly look forward to working on.

(Note: I used to have links to the mentioned GW kits in this post, but Games Workshop has a very nasty habit of changing their URLs without implementing redirects, leading to broken links in my posts. As such I’ve removed all links.  Sorry).

Archaon, the Everchosen


Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount


Chaos Lord


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