Marauding We Will Go

Once my Dark Vengeance Chosen kits arrived, fiddling with potential Chaos Warrior conversions definitely distracted me from the Marauders for a while.  Recently though I’ve been paying attention to the less armoured and imposing members of the warband.

It’s actually really nice to have two distinct but related types of model to switch between as they each have their own challenges.

The Russian Altenative models have proven to provide a good base to create some really dynamic poses but they need a lot of work and being metal it’s not often easy.  Certainly my hacksaw has seen a lot of action recently!


Here’s a Marauder using one of the great weapon armed base figures (note I’ve coated the metal in surface primer to make it easier to photograph and, later, paint).  I had to remove the right arm entirely to get the GW Marauder flail to fit properly.  This is actually accomplished with 1 Marauder flail and 1 separate Marauder right arm.  Everything is pinned together.  The model  has a Marauder horseman head and part of a cast of a Chaos Warrior cloak.  I also gently bent the flail chains to impart some more movement.  The whole thing really comes together to give the impression that someone or something is about to take a couple of spiked iron balls to the face.


Faily minimal conversion work on this chap.  The battle axe is a proper weapon made by pinning and gluing a second axe head to the back of a Marauder axe.  I have such a surfeit of axes from the Chaos Marauder kit that I’ll be making many more of these.  The cloak comes from one of the Chaos Space Marine Chosen.  Cut down and glued at near right angles to the model we have a Marauder about to strike the finishing blow to an enemy on the ground (perhaps begging for mercy).  Generally I’m enjoying adding cloaks to the Marauders and will probably do this on most if not all models now.


Fairly unremarkable except for the in-progress axe hand showing the grip higher up the weapon haft that I’m trying to add to many models in this army.


Possibly my favourite Marauder so far for sheer dynamism.  I removed both arms from the base model (again coated in surface primer) replacing them with GW Marauder arms, he has a GW shield but a Russian Alternative sword that is simply brutal in appearance.  I think it’s my most successful “mid combat” pose so far.


Although I’ve expressed doubts before about giving Chaos Warriors a spear to fight with, I’ve got no such reservations for the Marauders.  The one on the left will be ranked up near the back of a unit, about to throw his spear like a javelin.  The one on the right is perhaps in the front rank, stabbing at his foes.  These actually have the same Russian Alternative legs but with a torso swap on the right hand one and various arms used two radically different models are possible.

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