Faux Leather Lining

Though I’ve been away for a few days, yesterday and today have been quite productive.

Firstly, I’ve re-flocked the water half of the pitch, planted trees and covered the case with faux leather.

Though there are quite a few trees on the sides of the pitch (around 10 on this half, and probably more on the rocky half), the view from the players POV is unobstructed and shouldn’t prove overly difficult to play on.

All the trees are of course removable. Most are simply slotted into holes drilled in the pitch, and a couple are magnetised (where the ground is not deep enough to drill a good enough hole).


A number of details have been added, including mushrooms, Elven markings and waystones, a discarded helmet, blood stains etc…


This half just needs pitch markings spraying on, which will happen right at the end once the other half is ready.

Billboards have been built from balsa wood and painted in a suitably weathered and decrepit state.


These will receive ads once I print this sheet as transfers:


I can’t take credit for the actual designs of course as they are just taken from a thread on Talkfantasyfootball.org.  I’ll cram a few more on the sheet first.

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