Pomp & Ceremony

…in my mind even Wood Elves arent above a bit of it. Here we have the hornblowing, flag waving sideline contingent for the Wanderers. They are made from the new Eternal Guard/Wildwood Rangers kit with 2 of the horns and all of the heads being from the Glade Guard and Glade Riders.


In the foreground of the photo are 3 totems – two reroll markers (which will be slotted into the dice bases on the left) and one turn marker. And in the background are 3 gnarly Citadel Trees that are being prepped to get planted on the pitch.

In the last week or so I’ve picked up Scenic Cement, lichen, 3 autumnal trees and 3 citadel trees, so I can crack on with the pitch and am just waiting on 2 other types of tree to arrive to have the full foresty bit.

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