Stage 3

So the plan at the moment is along the lines of…

  • One end zone will be the aforementioned brook. Less touchdown, more splashdown. There will be a waterfall from one edge of the case.
  • The other end zone will be some rocky high ground, with tree roots running over and around the rocks.
  • Contrary to original plans there will be dugouts (though quite small ones) for both teams down the sides.
  • A scoreboard will be made and magnetised so it can stand up and be taken down for storage.
  • Potentially, an ivy covered arch with the name of the stadium in blossoms will be made – the players entrance.
  • Turn markers and reroll markers will be on the bottom panel of the case, lending it some function when the board is open.
  • In strategic locations around the edge of the pitch will be holes for trees. They’ll be placed in a way so they don’t interfere with playing.
  • The case itself will be covered in (faux) leather.
  • A bloodbowl logo will be painted on the center of the pitch.
  • I have ordered a variety of goblin and gretchin figures to be converted into referee, 2x linesmen and first aid – for teams unfortunate enough not to have their own apothecary!

Here is the pitch last night, after two nights of excruciating work (I was in need of a back massage afterwards, advice: don’t make terrain on the floor of the lounge, the TV might alleviate the boredom but your muscles won’t thank you! In other words, I was really setting myself up for a world of pain):


And here it is today, having been lightly trimmed with the hot wire cutter and sanded to smooth out some of the transitions. The bigger ones will become rocky ledges, overhanging with meadow grass and moss.


I accidentally found out while experimenting with the wire cutter that it makes very convincing rocks, of the igneous variety. To make these, you just run the wire cutter loosely through the foam in a scoop shape and it creates the flow marks in the rock. I made a bunch and might use these to build up the rocky areas of the surrounding area around the pitch:


Here’s the rough plan at present:


The dugouts will only house 3 models comfortably but I figure it is better to have some small ones than none at all.

The biggest impediment to further progress now is finding a filling material that is suitably light, strong, sandable when dry, and thick enough when wet to sculpt with. I will be trying out coving adhesive and seeing how I get on with that this evening.



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