The End Game

Since yesterday’s post I have very much entered the home stretch on my custom Blood Bowl pitch.  I know I’ve said that before in this log but as I write this the pitch is basically playable, if not transportable, as last night and this morning in a fit of perspiration I lined the second half of the pitch with leather and then sprayed enough pitch markings to mean I have wide zones on one half and a line of scrimmage.

Masking and spraying was a terrifying ordeal and not one that worked very well at first.  I was afraid of spraying somewhere I shouldn’t but also of taking all the flock up with the masking tape so didn’t want to stick the tape down too strongly.  This led to my first attempts at lines being far too wide (verging on 1cm wide in places) and had tonnes of overspray leaking under the masking tape, which neccessitated another round of flocking this morning to correct things.  To be honest I didn’t photograph the too-wide lines as I was too depressed about the outcome at the time!

A few more bits of undergrowth to cover the less than perfect edges of the leather lining and the rocky half of the pitch now looks like this (click for large):


Aelas Windborne and Athien Siverstreak hanging out:


Details, with spites this time:


The other half not photographed has the line of scrimmage and next up will be the wide zones then I’m done on pitch detailing apart from the water effects (which I have yet to even purchase) and painting the 3 citadel trees.  But first I’m off to design a layout for turn and reroll counters that fits neatly inside the bottom panel.

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