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For the best part of 10 years I have been documenting my (mainly 40k) modelling projects, first on 40konline, then the-waaagh, then Warseer and most recently on the forum for my local club, Tanelorn Wargames Club.  This has led inexorably towards unacceptably fragmented content.  To where should I turn of an evening when the narcissistic desire to re-read old words and bask in the glory of old projects grabs me?  Too many places!  For this is ultimately why I, and I suspect others, log their modelling projects online – as a sort of visual diary and a powerful form of nostalgia.  It certainly isn’t for the comments and feedback, which are sadly lacking on most forums, even on the best threads (to which, let’s be clear, I don’t count my plogs as belonging).  Lets face it, we’re all too busy writing our own plogs, or blogs, and no doubt checking them feverishly for feedback.

The only answer was to create my own site, and with that decision made, there were just a couple of problems with using a blogging platform as a repository of modelling projects that I felt needed addressing.  Namely, posts on a blog are arranged in reverse chronological order by default, in stark contrast to a forum thread.  This means that when you first arrive at a modellers private website, or browse through a particular category or tag on their site, you are always seeing the most recent work, and that usually means you are seeing the finished results before the work in progress updates.  This is all wrong and one area where forums really outshine blogs as a platform for modellers.

Also, modellers being modellers, our attention tends to flit from one project to another quite easily.  Posts from different projects end up being combined into one stream of content making it incredibly difficult to follow the progress of a particular modelling project unless the author is very concientous with providing and updating “next” and “previous” links to the relevant posts about that project or is good at using tags to group posts about each project into one place.  Suffice to say this is pretty rare behaviour.

Taken together those two things are a real shame as I have often stumbled upon sites that I’ve felt would be fantastic to read and follow, but whose setup makes it too difficult to follow specific projects of interest.  I resolved to eliminate these problems so on this blog you will find that posts are arranged into projects, and once you have found your way to a specific project there is an introduction to the project followed by updates that are arranged chronologically, just as they would be on a forum.  At the end of every post there are links to the previous and next posts in that project log. Only the homepage contains reverse chronological (i.e. most recent first) content, but labels on each post make it clear which project the post belongs to.

Enough rambling on the intricacies of setting up a blog, let’s get to it…

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