My blog is mainly arranged by project.  Although each project is in a sense a giant tutorial, I realise that many of the projects contain mini tutorials on a particular aspect of modelling which if you are mainly interested in can be hard to locate.   This page attempts to list and link to all of the tutorials I’ve put together, regardless of which project they live in.

Sculpting Tutorials

Sculpting Plate Mail Tassets (Hip Armour Plates)
Step by step guide to creating complex compound curve armour plates from my Warriors of Chaos project.

Moulding & Casting Tutorials

Making a Mould
Step by step guide to making a 2 part mould (or at least the first half of the two part mould).

Making a Mould with Deep Contours
A brief visual “tutorial” showing how to mould deeply contoured parts.

How Much Silicone?
How to work out the amount of silicone to mix up in order to fill a mould.

Refining a Mould, Part 1 & Part 2
Two posts showing some steps to take when casts made from a mould have bubbles or other defects.

Making a Painting Jig for Bases
A simple mould designed to make it quick and easy to airbrush or spray bases with different coloured rims and tops.

Kitbashing Tutorials

Making a Better Eldar Jetbike
This is the jetbike kitbash I made before I embarked on moulding and casting a full Jetbike conversion kit.  It is quite old and isn’t how I would do it today, but still may be useful to those looking to improve their Eldar jetbikes.

Painting Tutorials

Painting Leather Straps
A quick step by step for painting leather, in this case straps though I use the same approach for boots, gloves etc…

Terrain Making Tutorials

Wet Water
An incredibly useful trick for painting large areas and gluing flock and other scatter material to terrain.

Scale Brick Wall Step by Step Tutorial
Step by step guide to creating a convincing brick wall effect in miniature scale.