Shambling off the Production Line

The first Necrons in identifiable anthropomorphic form are up and shambling around on my desk.  The less said about the amount of time it took me to get all these leg + torso combinations standing up on the slightly curved surface of the light box the better.  I was forcibly reminded of dominos (the small black tiles, not the Pizza takeaway) on far too many occasions while trying to set up for this photo.


Although this looks like good progress I have let some critical components of the finished Warriors fall way behind so there is a while to go before I can begin final assembly.  Heads and right arms are receiving grey airbrush coats in preparation for chip masking.



Glowy bits from weapons have been painted red.  Red will work with my scheme much better than the factory provided green.  But while this close-up, poorly lit and shot through a polythene bag photo makes the rods look worse than they really are, they are still far from smooth or particularly bright looking to the naked eye, meaning that the painting method won’t work for me.


I’m now investigating manufactured red acrylic tube, in particular some interesting flourescent tube that gathers light from it’s length and projects it out of the end.  This holds lots of promise for making the gun tips actually glow.

Getting to this stage has made me realise how hopelessly over-engineered my original painting plan for the Necrons is.  All that red-brown undercoating, originally intended to show through as battle damage, is largely covered up, which also calls into question the extensive masking process I went through to keep some areas red brown.  It will be far more efficient to undercoat grey and paint the red-brown areas in after the airbrush coats.  This will save time, energy and one layer of detail obscuring paint for future models.

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