Necromunda Terrain

Servitors Attached to Buildings!

I have been on a tear since our first game of Acolyte prompted me to kitbash and paint some new Inquistorial agents. Since finishing those I have been at the hobby desk consistently every day, even just for half an hour, and often a lot more.  I’m getting excited about projects new and old, and also just finishing off stuff that has been languishing in the “WIP” box for years.

That box is where these servitors come from.  I call these “building-slaved servitors”. You see them in the best artwork of Imperial cities and to me nothing screams “Imperium” to me more than a lobotomised criminal plumbed in to a jumble of cables and pipes, attached to a gothic edifice and condemend to spend a life as a glorified streetlamp, CCTV unit or public address system.

I made them in 2015 (here is the post where I showed off the first one) when I was making quite a lot of Necromunda terrain.  I made two more, started painting them, and then lost interest. But as I was prepping terrain for our first game of Acolyte, which is set in the Underhive, I suddenly remembered them and thought I might be able to speed paint them to completion.

Here are the old photos of the second from when they were first built. They are both made in a similar way, using ghoul bodies connected by large lascannon cables from space marine tanks to hatches or other suitable looking bits of machinery. They’re then adorned with greenstuff tubes, bits of machinery and tools.

When it came to paint, I had already done the skin and most of the metallic bits. Since then, I have developed some speed painting skills and I used quick base coats, contrast layers and wet blended contrast washes, followed by some “gunge” (PVA, brown and black inks) liberally applied then sponged off, which does deep shading and weathering in one go.

It was fun to quickly assemble some terrain and take the atmospheric photos from street level…

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