A week of molding and casting

This last week has involved a lot of casting and molding in an effort to get the bikes ready.  First, I cast up 4 left and 4 right pilot arms.  I’ll have 2 bikers doing something else with their arms, either pointing purposefully or doing a drive by with their shuriken pistols – that sort of thing.


Then I finished sculpting the Guardian legs for the bikes.  This was mostly a case of rebuilding the waste and belt, adding kneepads and then just redefining the detail of some of the armour parts.


So far on my test bikes I’ve been using the stock Reaver chassis, but I decided the spiky lines of the upper chassis aren’t really fitting for Craftworld Eldar, so I took a chassis and smoothed out the lines using brown stuff and Mr Surfacer 1000 followed by fine sandpaper to get the finish as smooth as possible.


With the legs and this new chassis molded, I finished up making more or less all the casts I will need for the first 5 Windriders.


Everything else (engine nozzles, torsos, heads, non-pilot arms) will be from stock bits and are either already assembled or on their way in the post. Of course, all this effort might prove rather pointless within a week when the next wave of Harlequin releases comes out, rumoured to contain a “Skyweaver” jetbike.  I am very curious to see what it looks  like, although so far I have been rather underwhelmed by the Harlequin releases.

Some parting shots of drive by guy loosely pinned/tacked together.  The head is from the Storm Guardian upgrade pack.





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