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January: Forge World Avatar

For January I picked up a D12 with some trepidation and rolled… a 4!  Hmm… the Avatar you say? That’s… that’s actually doable!

I’ve had this Avatar since approximately 2008.  It’s incredibly cool, but because I refuse to use unpainted models in a game, I have literally never used it. Copying some of the cool looking Avatars I saw some of the top Eldar painters create, I’m going for an “inside out” source lit scheme that tries to give the impression of the Avatar literally being a molten being.  This understandably takes a long time to do… though perhaps 10 years is pushing things.  Anyway, here is a quick “before” photo:

Getting it out of storage now I note a few things… firstly, most of the skin of the avatar is complete, which is great.  This first task isn’t too daunting!  Some parts of it though are not very well blended, so need a bit of attention to make the layers smoother (e.g. right bicep).

The right hand is currently stripped back to the resin.  I’ve tried and failed on several occasions to turn the right hand into one dripping with gore (he is after all an Avatar of the Bloody Handed God, and I think it would  be nice to hark back to the original 2nd edition model).  This will need some serious “special effects” attention.

I obviously need to paint the helmet vanes, and find the plume of hair (which I think is already painted, but will need some OSL effects adding so it doesn’t look out of place).  The sword is broken and will need a clever repair job and my attempts to use blue for the sword blade (to tie the figure into my Alaitoc Eldar army) were probably a bit misguided so I’ll need to rethink this too.

As for the base, while it’s an interesting idea, the execution is too comic like (both the cracks in the rock and the snow) and I can do a lot better nowadays so I’ll start that from scratch, with the main intention to make the cracks smaller and the overall effect more naturalistic.

To be continued…

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