Necromunda Terrain

Inspiration for Necromunda Terrain

A quick collection of inspirational images and links for Necromunda terrain building.

Super Massive Beasts blog – Necromunda archives. Spectacular Necromunda gang and lots of documentation of several Necromunda “terrain slams”. I am a particular fan of this mans walkways.

The Arrke/Yggdrasilium Space Hulk/INQ28 gaming board

The best coverage I can find is a three part post here, here and  here.  I have never seen a WIP thread but please let me know in the comments if you know where one is.

Bruticus’ “Dark Corners of the 41st Millennium” on Dakka (epic plog also containing some spectacular gang conversions)

Spikedog’s Modular Terrain (link removed as thread no longer up))

Images of industrial ruins and decay:

John Blanche’s classic Necromunda art, with it’s distinctive mix of industrial and gothic, monumental and yet hyperdetailed, and in places just plain weird…

I don’t know the artist of this piece but it has similar appeal with the mixture of classical columns, Victorian iron bridges and future dark city towering in the background.


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