Kitbashed Underworld Team

System: Blood Bowl
Techniques: Kitbashing, magnetising, comic book style painting
Status: Active

Blood Bowl – I just can’t get enough of it. In September 2018, the man cave edged closer and closer to being usable to do some actual modelling. At the time I was supposed to be working on my Inquisition warbands and Chaos Warriors for Kings of War but the new season of Blood Bowl had recently started at the club and my Undead were shambling out for a second shot at glory. So, Blood Bowl was very much front of mind and as soon as the cave was complete I pulled out the bits to start an Underworld team for 2019’s season.

I love Blood Bowl modelling projects – it lets me use kits I’d never have cause to (Skaven and Goblins here) and the low model number means I can go to town on the conversions. Underworld is a not entirely effective team on the pitch but – more so even than most Blood Bowl teams – has tonnes of modelling potential due to their easy access to mutations. It’s because of this that I decided the “schtick” for this project would, much like my Necromunda Goliaths, be magnetised models that allow me to mutate the team as they develop.