Wildwood Meadows

A Pitch of Two Halves

Putting the two halves of the pitch together really shows how different the flocking technique was for each one. I’m looking forward to bringing up the river half to the same standard.

The two halves are joined with some strong 10mm rare earth magnets. The pull on these is something like 2.4kg so more than enough to hold the pitch together during play. The same magnets will connect to the bottom panel of the pitch when it’s folded up (also visible is one of the same magnets used on the top edge of the boards to hold them together when folded).

One problem I have is this unsightly gap down the middle, caused by my less than stellar wood working skills and slapdash approach to gluing down the pitch surface. In hindsight I should have glued in excess polystyrene then sanded it down. As it is I need a different solution.

I cut some strips of packing foam about 5mm thick, and hot glued it along one pitch edge.

The magnets compress the foam between the two pitch halves which once trimmed down all but eliminates the gap.

Yesterday I ordered a lot of goodies to help complete this so soon I should have a fun morning unboxing!

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