Shining Spears Helmet

Just a small update tonight, on the Shining Spears. I first thought to use what I think is a Dark Elf cold one helmet but eventually decided to modify a Guardian helm instead. Here you can see early stages of adding brown stuff to the helmet to extend it up and backwards. Also a dark elf lance arm, for inspiration for the laser lance pose I will eventually have to get right.


I discovered making a helmet is a real pain in the ass, to get it symmetrical required much shaping followed by lots of scraping and sanding afterwards, but eventually I got close enough.

Then I added a ribbed cable round the back (cut from a Shuriken Cannon I think) and sculpted “pods” on the side of his head. I’m now in the stages of adding flowing hair out the back of the helmet, as you can see in the last photo. The finished result is going to be a mix of Scorpion/Banshee helm.. It bears no resemblance at all to the official Shining Spear helmet, but that’s ok (I think they just gave up and said “yeah that’ll do” when they made the official ones!).


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