Blood Bowl Orcs

An Orc & Norse Modelling Day

Today John popped round randomly and we had a bit of an old school modelling day. He helped me with the pitch (updates to come, hopefully tomorrow) and then decided he wanted to build a Norse team. As I have a lot of Warhammer Chaos Marauder bits, and he had a load of Space Wolves bits (that happened to be at my house), and we both had a day to while away, there wasn’t much excuse for not doing it.

While getting caught up in all the enthusiasm of building Blood Bowl teams, I also decided to crack on with the Orc team I started a while ago.

Thus we sat for the best part of 5 hours slicing up our thumbs and putting together players at break neck speed. The fruits of our labour…

4 Norse Linemen

2 Berzerkers and 2 Werewolves

2 Catchers/Runners and a Thrower

4 Orc Blitzers

2 Lineorcs and a Thrower (GO LONG!!!)

…and for completeness sake the 4 previously assembled Black Orcs

Hope you like them.

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