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The Ball & Goal

In Guild Ball it’s common to make a custom goal marker.  Since the characters available to you are dictated by the background of the game, and the models are fairly difficult to convert (with some fairly strict stipulations on how you can convert them if you want to play in any sanctioned leagues or tournaments), the goal is the only model where you can really unleash your creativity and do whatever you please.  These are the first models to be fully painted in the team, as a local tournament required them to be complete.

My goal concept is copied from other Butchers goals so I cannot claim any originality here.  It features numerous bits from the Warhammer Giant kit – the crumbling archway, cattle carcass, cart wheel and the chain are all from it.  I built a new column for the archway using procreate around a central dowel, and some paving, and finished the goal with a small joint of meat on a hook, taken from the 40k Kroot kit.

I’m considering added a pitchfork (Giant kit again) and axe (Marauder Horsemen), as suitably medieval looking accessories.

The ball was simply based in the same fashion as the team.  I didn’t fancy doing any shenanigans like balls bouncing through the air or splashing through puddles this time – but will perhaps give that a go for future teams.

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