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Inquisitor Bane

Erasmus Bane is an Ordo Xenos inquisitor and psychic.   I wanted to create a sort of sneaky, works in the shadows type of character, and one who could lean either way in terms of being “good” or “bad” – an Inquisitor of ambiguous standing.  The model is an extensive kitbash… let’s see if I can remember how it was made.

The legs are dark angel robed legs – a great part but it does need a lot of slimming down to make the legs more human in scale. From memory I removed material around the hips, backside and legs, shaving with a scalpel and then smoothing everything out with a fine sanding block.  I then removed the marine feet and stuck in place some from a genestealer cultist.  The torso is obviously also from a cultist and the cloak is from the deathwatch – again this needs a lot of trimming to get it to fit over the torso properly.

The left arm is an adeptus mechanicus arm and the right is a modified genestealer cultist arm.  I magnetised the wrist and made options for Bane to carry a chainsword, power sword or the xenophase blade from the Deathwatch kit.

The MIU (mind impulse unit) bolter/psycannon was the  most ambitious part of the build. The actual gun is a deathwatch bolter with the magazine removed and replaced with a drum magazine (this probably comes from a marine or chaos marine bolter). The strut it’s attached to is from a skitari kit, and this is attached to a backpack of some description – where this comes from is escaping me.

Bane has a cool, sneering hooded marine head – a deathwatch or dark angel part. It gives him an air of emperor palpatine.  Some pouches, purity seals, shoulder armour and a skull finished things off.

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