Necromunda Muties

Scales – Classic Scaly Homage

I had originally intended to include a mutant feral Ogryn in my warband but this model was one of the “false starts” I mentioned in the previous post. At some stage I was lost for inspiration and I think I was looking at other people’s mutie kitbashes and the various mutants and scavvy’s GW has put out when I suddenly remembered that Scalie’s were a thing in old Necromunda. I’d also picked up the Kill Team Kroot Farstalkers and that kit had a weird looking heavy weapon that looked for all the world like some sort of launcher. Putting my own spin on the classic Scaly with spear gun seemed like a project I could get my teeth into and was instantly much more inspiring to me than the aborted Ogryn.

I ended up sculpting so much that most of the parts I used were covered up, and sculpting is quite a long winded process for me. On top of this there was a lot of indecision about what bits to use and exactly how to place them so this single model took a good 3 weeks to finish.

Scales is one of the only muties in the warband where I took any WIP photos. Here he is once I’d got the easier parts out the way – combining some Nurgle Warrior legs and rear torso with a Blood Bowl blitzer torso front, and then covering up many of those parts with green stuff.

I was particularly pleased at this point with the placement of the kroot pistol (standing in for a sawn off shotgun) and the scales which are simply made by rolling small green stuff balls, picking them up with a clay shaper and flattening them onto the skin, adjusting their edges with the shaper as needed. Not difficult, just painstaking.

But after this is when things slowed down, as it took ages to work out how to place the arms for a decent looking pose, in what order to attach the arms and head, and in particular how to create a good looking quiver of spears that sat somewhat naturally on the back.

Parts list:

  • Head – Warcry beastman face and sculpted head
  • Torso – Blood Bowl
  • Arms – Kroot and Chaos Marauder, beefed up with green stuff
  • Spear gun – Kroot Farstalker Kinband, spear from bits box
  • Spear quiver – bits box spears, knives and poles, random tattered rag bit and green stuff
  • Legs – Nurgle warrior, green stuff,
  • Loincloth – cut from a Ash Wastes Nomad “sky shroud”
  • Filtration Tank – Ash Wastes Nomads
  • Pouches, spare ammo etc – Delaque, Kroot, random bits box
  • Massive wrench – Pox Walkers
  • Sculpted straps, hoses etc…

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