Necromunda Muties

Shank & Reptile

I’m posting Shank and Reptile together as they were probably the simplest and quickest models to build.

Shank is a beastman. I’m not totally happy with the model, mainly as I feel it’s a bit too agile and dynamic to fit in with the rest of the crew, but as the first campaign day was rapidly approaching I couldn’t afford to chuck it in the bottom of the “random WIP” box and make another mutie to replace her.

Her legs are from a Warcry or Underworlds beastman, and the torso, arms and knife are from the Warcry Untamed Beasts kit.  The head is from a long forgotten 3rd party. Shank is finished with a filter can from the Ash Wastes Nomads, rope and grenade from the scouts and some resculpting where the legs, loincloth and furs were damaged during the conversion.

Reptile is the gangs sniper champion.  It’s a deceptively simple model blending a Kroot and Ash Wastes Nomad. It was nice in the midst of this project to turn out a more basic kitbash and I’m a big fan of the finished piece.

The legs are obviously Kroot, as is the torso. The right arm, gun and backpack are Ash Wastes Nomad.  The sky shroud is actually one tha tnormally hangs down off a Nomad’s backpack, hence the need for a scratch built banner pole and sculpted wraps. The head and left arm are 3rd party (IOL miniatures). Kroot and Untamed Beasts knives, space marine pouches and a litte sculpting to merge the scrap of cloth with the figure finish the job.

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