Necromunda Muties

Wormherd – Beastmaster Wyrd

Alongside Scales this is the most involved kitbash in the project, and perhaps ever. It’s also the one that went through the biggest change midway through.

The concept here was born when Games Workshop previewed a new Wyrd Beastmaster with milliasaur pets. I’m not a fan of the model but the idea of having a mutant Beastmaster with burrowing worms under his sway seemed to fit well with my warband and the setting we’re playing the campaign in. I was also rather taken by the inexplicably large tank chained to the models back.

I turned to a tried and tested formula to start the model – plaguebearer legs with an incongruous torso stuck on, this time from a genestealer cultist.  The arms and weapons came together pretty quickly too, then I thought it would be cool to give him a mutated long neck topped with a grinning Pox Walker head that I had my eye on for some time.

A not great photo from this point in the build:

It just wasn’t working for me.  I took the plunge the snipped off the head and neck and all the implanted hoses I’d made running up the neck, and put a different mutie head (3rd party) with a normal neck. I also cut off the right leg at the knee and replaced the lower leg with one from an Untamed Beast warrior. Finally I took the plunge and mounted a big metal ball (I believe it is from a Skaven kit) on his back.

I think these changes meant I ended up with a really nice and unique Wyrd to drive the Milliasaurs into battle.

Parts list:

  • Head – IOL miniatures mutie head
  • Torso – Genestealer cultist (front), plaguebearer (back) – though the back is covered
  • Cloak & satchel – Two different Kroot cloak parts mated together with some G/S lacing
  • Arms – Chaos marauder (right) and Pox Walker (left)
  • Shock Stave – Ork runtherd part and Pox Walker “flamer club” bit
  • Legs – Plaguebearer & Untamed beasts
  • Loincloth – Unknown GW loincloth bit
  • Pouches, holster & spare ammo – Delaque and Kroot
  • Waist carried filter tank – Ash Wastes Nomads backpack
  • Back mounted filter tank – Skaven (probably one of the giant warpstone mutant rats)
  • Straps/webbing – plasticard strip and green stuff
  • Millisaurs – IOL minis (they call them rockworms).
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