Squat Exo Armour

Part 2: Feet

By the time you’re finished with this stage you should have a couple of suit feet like this:

The most notable change to the feet of the Centurion suit is that the side “toes” need to be removed.  The dwarf has much shorter legs so cannot splay his legs as far apart as a Space Marine – the result is that without cutting off the side toes the feet will not fit close together enough and the dwarf will not be able to stand in the suit.

Actually, only the inner side toes need to be removed – you could experiment with leaving on the outer toes (I thought about this too late and had already cut both side toes off).

I cut the toes so that around 1mm was left.  I then added a bit of 0.5mm plasticard to provide a more finished look.  This is shaped to fit with a lip around the edge and I bevelled the edges slightly too.  You never get to see in the photos of Mikko’s conversion exactly what he did where the side toes used to go, but I think this looks good.

To get the small platform that the Dwarf actually stands on you have to cut the Centurion legs just above the bottom plate of the Marines boot. This is where the real beauty and subtlety of the conversion really becomes apparent – the bottom of the boot will become the platform on which our Squat is standing in his exo armour.  I cut it leaving a good margin of error to avoid ruining the shape of the platform, then shaved down the excess till I had a nice flat surface.

The above image does a better job of explaining where all the bits come from.  The little platform created from the bottom of the marines boots fits into the foot and then a rear actuator connects the platform to the back of the foot as well.  I chose to add this whereas Mikko did not.  Note that the platforms, feet and rear actuators are specific to each other and not interchangeable left to right, so do dry fit everything or you may find it doesn’t fit together properly!

The final touch is to “up armour” the feet with an additional front armour plate.  The plate comes from the external Centurion leg armour – cut it from the bottom of the leg armour, clean it up and mount it.  In the original it is mounted at an angle thus covering more of the internal workings of the foot, an angle I copied by using a bit of putty between the armour plate and the foot.

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