Wildwood Meadows

A Blood Bowl Scoreboard

When I got home from the club yesterday first I was pumped to do some more work on the pitch after an awesome game of Blood Bowl. I started with the relatively dull task of plastering the middle edges smooth so the two halves meet each other properly. I used tile grout, as I’ve found it dries exceedingly hard.

Then I started thinking about scoreboards. I mocked up my idea on paper, along with some basic idea of the construction.

I turned that into a parts list, then cut all the bits out of balsa wood. This is the first time I’ve used the stuff, and I found it exceedingly easy to work with, and cheap as well.

Then I started assembly, using super glue. I found PVA to not be terribly effective and super glue has the advantage of drying so quick it makes construction very fast. Here the inside has been painted black before sticking everything together.

The score “dial” is made from two GW 40mm bases glued together, with a small stack of magnets in the middle. This is secured in the scoreboard by a magnet embedded in the balsa wood.

Final assembly. This is the version with a short platform.

Here is the version with a longer platform. I can’t decide which looks best.

While I was making stuff with balsa wood I also started making hoardings for advertising to go around the pitch. A few different styles. Some of these will be broken, weathered and generally run down – things don’t last long in the forest!

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