Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud

Alright!  Time for an update.

Here’s the most developed half of the pitch:


When I last showed photos, I had got to the stage of plastering the edge of the pitch at the centre line to get a flush finish. Things done since then to take it to the stage above are:

  • Complete dugouts with more twigs collected from outside
  • Complete landscaping
  • Add tree stumps/fallen logs
  • Coat the rocks with several layers of watered down tile grout (for strength) then a coat of artists white Gesso. Also undercoat the tree stumps and dugout logs at this stage
  • Layer a few grey and brown washes onto the rocks for colour
  • Layer brown, black, green and beige washes and drybrushes onto the dugout walls
  • Spray black and paint brown the varnish hundreds of 2mm tile spacers
  • Press a dummy tile spacer into the pitch surface at the intersection of each square
  • Paint the pitch and inside case edges brown with some cheap WH Smith burnt umber acrylic paint
  • Layer black washes into the stream bed
  • Superglue the tile spacers into place
  • Matt varnish everything
  • Seive some mud and then apply a layer with Woodland Scenics Scenic Cement
  • Leave to dry then brush the excess into piles/churned up ground, or remove it, and make sure there’s no mud on top of the spacers, then drip more Scenic Cement everywhere to seal the earth

Next up will be flocking. Here we have the results of my eBay exploits:


Medium green foliage clusters (for bushes), “Green Blend” blended turf and “Weeds” fine turf for grass, “Forest Blend” underbrush for small plants and bushes, and a static grass applicator to apply static flock for finishing long grass.

The other half is not nearly as progressed although I have stamped out most of the tile spacer grooves and more or less just need to finish the dugouts with more twigs before progressing to the painting stage:


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