Wildwood Meadows

A Proper Case

The large magnets are enough to hold the pitch together quite comfortably when closed, but for further reassurance I attached a couple of spiffy looking clips.  And, of course, our case needs a carry handle.  Due to the flawed design of the case and my complete inability to find a handle that could be mounted “offset”, I’ve settled on mounting the one handle as near to the centre of the closed case as possible.  It is not so far off the centre of gravity and I barely notice any slant when carrying it, but may still add a second handle on the other pitch half, again for security and also for aesthetics.


The two main jobs left now are to finish the stream with water effects and cover up this ghastly hole in the bottom:


To do this, I have to design the turn track and reroll panel that will be pasted into the inside of the bottom panel.  I started out with quite a straight forward design, but am now going down a more appropriately elfy route, which is taking far longer to put together.  A sneak preview here:


As a complete aside, I went to the Museum of London in Docklands yesterday and saw this impressive model of old London bridge, put together from extruded polystyrene and balsa wood.  Worth a visit if only for this and the full scale mock up of Victorian London streets.

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