Bedding the Rocks In

Lightning fast updates today,

I stuck a strip of foam down behind the end zone, leaving a gap where the endzone is to fill with jumbled rocks. Some test fitting convinced me this approach would lead to a convincing old boulderfall that has long since overgrown. So I cracked out the adhesive (tile grout not coving adhevise as originally planned) and got to it…


The process is essentially one of gradually adding boulders via test fitting, cutting to size/shape, and then gluing with PVA, before filling gaps, as illustrated here:


It’s important to me to keep the distinctive rock texture so each time I was careful to brush down the rock with a wet brush to remove any grout


Current status, with most of the major boulders in place. I can’t say it’s terribly practical for placing models, with some “squares” essentially unusable, but I figure – how much time do players really spend standing in the endzones?


The view upfield. Not particularly inviting to a would be scorer! The Wanderers tend to play downfield when playing at home :)



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