Wildwood Meadows

Pouring the Stream

One of the end zones in Wildwood Meadows is a small forest creek or stream.  The stream bed has been prepared for ages and this weekend while visiting Cardiff I stumbled across a shop that stocked Woodland Scenics “Realistic Water”.  I took this as a sign, bought it and have promptly poured the first stage of the stream, so this is how it went down.

Firstly, I should have experimented before committing resin to the actual pitch, but I’m far too impatient for that sort of thing.

In an old water bottle with the top cut off, I added green and blue ink to the realistic water.  It looks very strongly coloured at this stage but that’s because the resin is cloudy when wet and this exaggerates the colour.  In reality I expect there isn’t enough  ink to make much difference – but I didn’t want to risk overdoing it.

I then poured the realistic water, starting at the top of the water fall, and had immense satisfaction watching it make it’s way down the stream bed.  It’s quite glutinous so it takes a while, but is ultimately self levelling.

I checked the level of the pitch with a spirit level.  It was ever so slightly leaning towards the right and if I’d have left it like that eventually the resin would have run down and overflown the banks at one end.  I propped up the right with some folded paper to make it level, took the following photo, and will now have to wait 24 hours to see whether diving straight in works out or was an error of catastrophic proportions.


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