1st Batch of Scarabs

So I proceeded with the Scarabs as advertised. They got their battle damage mask, then a light blue followed by white airbrush. A final black lining with Badab Black (black wash) and I could remove all the masking. For me this is a ridiculously satyisfying thing to do, a combination of anticipation at seeing the finished model revealed and that urge that makes you want to pick the dried paint from the lids of paint pots.

Here they are (click for large image):


At this point I was on the fence, again. The reason being, I’m not sure the battle damage being the same colour as the legs and tail is a good idea, because in places it obscures the definition of the model, especially when there is a lot of battle damage. This is best seen in the 3rd Scarab from the left.

I decided to test a different battle damage colour so broke out the Deathmark torsos again. The left one is painted in a blue grey, the right one in a darker brown grey, and the middle one will remain as a control.


The second photo has the top layers added and battle damage revealed. Ignoring the over the top black lining here, I think the first (lighter blue grey) test is the most successful. The darker one on the right is a bit too dark and leads to a too cluttered model, IMO. I’ll probably be proceeding with the left hand version for the finished Necrons (and, at some stage, updating the scarabs too).

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