Start to a Farseer

A little more progress made in fits and starts throughout the week. Still waiting for the mould release agent, though I think it might be waiting for me at the sorting office.

Firstly I discovered to my delight that the new Farseer torso with coat intact fits near perfectly on the new robed biker legs. Only a small amount of trimming from the left front edge of the coat is required to get this fit – a useful bit of knowledge for anyone thinking about their own jetbike farseer.


As this is a one off (I won’t be casting anything from the farseer bar the legs which are used for both him and the warlocks) I’ll be proceeding with this model further now. The left sleeve needs to be cut off and re-oriented so the arm to be added will reach the control sticks. I’ve reversed the bangles on the spear but otherwise that part will be unmodified.

Meanwhile some other bits and bobs are shown in the photo below, from top:

  • Added the sort of hanging drape thing that some warlocks have, this one blowing in the wind rather than hanging. It’s stratecally placed to cover a poor bit of sculpting below!
  • Shuriken cannon blended with the part that attaches to the DE bike. Again, I won’t be casting this.
  • New fins, with the old fins blended with the ammo from the EML


Finally below are a collection of accessories for the seers, first and last being parts from the farseer and DE bikers respectively, the middle ones various pouches made with leftover bits of putty.



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