Blood Bowl Orcs

A tutorial for painting straps

The willingess to “move on” and also where/when I paint are key, I think. I have taken to having the current batch of models and the necessary paints, palette, brushes, water jar and tissue all loaded on to a dinner tray. This way I can pick up the tray and take it into the living room each evening accomplishing the triple whammy of 1) spending time chatting with my girlfriend 2) watching Breaking Bad and 3) completing modelling projects! At the end of the night the tray is returned to the modelling den.

I also made this quick step by step for the straps/boots, in case anyone wants to understand the paint process in a bit more detail (not the glazing method, this is more my standard method).

  1. Base coat Mournfang Brown. This is a Citadel Base Coat, so is thick and pigment heavy and goes over most things easily. Colour wise it’s just a slightly red mid brown. Then I wash with Nuln Oil which is the current GW black wash.
  2. Layer Mournfang Brown over most of the areas, leaving the previous layer in shadows and as “black lining” to define each strap.
  3. I then do all the highlighting, blending and edging in one go rather than in steps. I make a palette mixture from Mournfang Brown to bone (in this case Vallejo Game Colour) and then dip in and out of each colour making custom mixes as I go. It’s much less efficient than doing say, one layer of 25 bone/50 brown, one layer of 50/50, and one final edge of 75 bone/25 brown, and doing that on multiple models (batch painting). But I like to see each strap, glove, boot or whatever taking complete shape before me before I move on, as that is more satisfying. Also, it allows a degree of wet blending (though the weather isn’t very condusive to it right now) so blends can be smoother in theory.
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