Blood Bowl Orcs

Painting continues

Made some better photos this morning. My home made diffusion box (basically a shoe box with windows cut in it, and thin white paper covering said windows) placed in bright sunlight seems to yield some of the most accurate photos.

First off are a couple of Orcs that are nearly finished. The Blitzer from the last post just needs his skin doing then details like player number, more checks, Orcish symbols and so on.

My thrower, who I only just noticed rather comedically has just one eye. He needs the armour and details completing.

Here is a general shot of progress on the Black Orcs. I’m not sure how yellow to go with them at the moment. Paint every piece of armour yellow, or would the be overkill and instead do I do the gauntlets and boots in bare metal? You can also see here the sort of ad hoc, haphazard way that I seem to paint – not for me painting all the yellow in one go! With various armour plates clearly missing you would think I had got bored painting one colour and moved on… which is exactly part of the secret. Painting has to be fun for me so if one task is getting dull, why not move on and come back later?

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