Custom Eldar Bases

System: Warhammer 40,000
Techniques: Scratch building, moulding & casting
Status: On hold

This project log covers my efforts to rebase my entire Eldar army with custom sculpted, Wraithbone ruin, Eldar bases.  It’s a vast project but had become distinctly necessary as there were no fewer than 4 basing styles on display, including one using baking soda as snow which had aged horribly into a really yellow snow. It had got to the point where my Eldar bases were really letting the army down whenever I got it out for a game.

I estimated I would need in the region of 150 bases.  Now I’m a basing junkie, but even for me that is a lot of Eldar to base and if I want them to come out consistent looking then I would need a solid process from the start.  I also wanted to retain the light tone of the bases (they started out predominantly snow/ice world themed) as I think it offsets the blue models nicely, but without them actually being snow bases (I never play on a snow battlefield, and anyway it’s time for a change).

After a lot of thought and mental planning I decided to go with the Eldar ruins/wraithbone look. It’s not terribly unique given that every Eldar Warwalker and Wraithlord comes with a base in that style, and also you can buy reasonable facsimiles from various resin base suppliers, but I think it will look great on the entire army. The Wraithbone will be painted near white, keeping the bases light, but I intended to put patches of grass where the ruins are becoming overgrown, which will tie the bases of my Eldar into the green battlefields that tend to predominate at gaming clubs and shops.