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March: Inquisitor Khronos & Retinue

This month my task was to complete 10 Inquisitorial Stormtroopers and 6 Frateris Militia.  Both are part of the retinue of Inquisitor Hybris Kronos, a character I created for a mooted narrative campaign at our club at the start 2018.

Basically, as soon as I started getting out all the models I’d been working on a year ago, the actual Inquisitor grabbed my attention and the retinue models got moved to a back shelf (not a good omen for whether I would complete March…).  The idea for Kronos was born I was browsing the GW website looking at Stormcast Eternals when I saw the Lord Celestant and knew I would have to try and make an Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor in full smiting mode from it.

Last year I’d got to the point of removing most of the Stormcast detailing from the armour, filling the tabard runes with putty and starting to add Inquisitorial type details.  But I hadn’t really nailed the pose or armament of the Inquisitor, so I picked up where I left off and tinkered with poses, coming up with two options, below, that I put to an inconclusive vote on a few Facebook groups.

The option below, “at rest”, seems to play to the image of an imperious Inquisitor and has the advantage that the direction of the action is towards the foot striding over the rock. But, the cloak flow implies he is turning to the right, while this pose looks like he is turning to the left, so it’s a bit dissonant.

The other one, “aiming”, makes more sense of the cloak since it reinforces the idea that the Inquisitor has spun around to blast at a hated foe.  The foot on the rock looks a little off though.

Neither are perfect, then, but just having the poses discussed at some length and being able to stare at them on my phone for a few days convinced me to go with the aiming option – it’s more dramatic and the cloak flow is a more persuasive factor than the foot placement, for me (the votes on Facebook were around 14-12 in favour of at rest).

The joint with the shoulder and the ribbed elbow joint will barely be visible in the final model but I like to know the detail looks more or less right underneath the shoulder pad. I also shaved down a skull to fit into his belt.

In the pose option photos I used the melta part of a Deathwatch combi weapon as the gauntlet mounted weapon, but it was a bit too chunky. Today I was browsing bits websites looking for dinky hand flamers and inferno pistols when I saw this compact little number – which turned out to be on the Delaque sprue, one of which I randomly picked up just last week. Sweet!

And that was about as far as I got before losing interest.  I’d made some small progress on the Frateris Militia – applying some texture to the bases and adding a few more litany papers, but nothing worth reporting back on – and undercoated the Stormtroopers.  The story of Inquisitor Khronos will need to be picked up in a future installment…

Edit: he is now, finally, painted.


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