Iceworld Terrain Set

  • System: Any (designed for 40k)
  • Techniques: Terrain
  • Status: Updating infrequently

To kick off 2015, many gamers at my local club bought gaming mats from Deepcut Studio.  Their wide range of mats look excellent, and due to a serious penchant for fighting battles of 40k over ice and snow themed boards, I decided to buy a “Frozen Abyss” ice world mat.

Gaming surface taken care of, I now faced the problem of terrain.  My club has a wide selection, but most of it is unusable or an ice world due to being based and flocked with a standard brown/green theme.  I would need to create an icy terrain set of some description that could  be used with my new gaming mat for 40k battles across a foreboding, frozen ice planet.

Fortunately I knew I would have the house entirely to myself for 4 days due to my other half visiting home.  While I needed some of this time to paint models, hang out with friends and generally relax, I felt sure I could dedicate at least one day to 40k terrain.  As the terrain making stars aligned, my mission became clear: create a 40k ice world terrain set in one weekend!

How Much Terrain?

In planning the one day blitz the question occurred of how much terrain, and of what types, I’d need to make. It’s something I’ve always liked the idea...
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The Plan

In the last post I waxed lyrical about the overall amount of terrain required for a good game, terrain types and ensuring a gaming table includes a good mix...
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Terrain Techniques: Wet Water

As far as terrain making tips go, you aren’t going to find one that will save you more time than this. Wet water is simply water with a...
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Timelapse Video – Part 1

Below is the first timelapse video of me and my good friend John creating the iceworld 40k terrain set. The timelapse was recorded using an iPad using the...
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We started by cutting out 6 MDF bases of varying sizes, setting the jigsaw at a 45 degree angle so the base edges have a slope. For storage...
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Bridge of the Imperium

The bridge is mainly formed from Pegasus IMEX Platformer panels.  These come with simple 2, 3, and 4 way clips in a variety of angles that allow structures...
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