Iceworld Terrain Set

  • System: Any (designed for 40k)
  • Techniques: Terrain
  • Status: Needs updating

To kick off 2015, many gamers at my local club bought gaming mats from Deepcut Studio.  Their wide range of mats look excellent, and due to a serious penchant for fighting battles of 40k over ice and snow themed boards, I decided to buy a “Frozen Abyss” ice world mat.

Gaming surface taken care of, I now faced the problem of terrain.  My club has a wide selection, but most of it is unusable or an ice world due to being based and flocked with a standard brown/green theme.  I would need to create an icy terrain set of some description that could  be used with my new gaming mat for 40k battles across a foreboding, frozen ice planet.

Fortunately I knew I would have the house entirely to myself for 4 days due to my other half visiting home.  While I needed some of this time to paint models, hang out with friends and generally relax, I felt sure I could dedicate at least one day to 40k terrain.  As the terrain making stars aligned, my mission became clear: create a 40k ice world terrain set in one weekend!