Necromunda Muties

System: Necromunda/Kill Team/Inq28
Techniques: Kitbashing
Status: Active

This project relit my fire for hobbying. 2022 was one of my low points – it started pretty with lots of enthusiasm for painting up the models in my classic copy of Hero Quest (a project I didn’t bother documenting on this site) but by the summer all impetus was gone and I stopped with half the models done. In the second half of the year I did basically nothing, until my local club started discussing a unique Necromunda campaign for 2023.

The arbitrator had written up some extensive background for a technologically backward planet, cut off for centuries, devolved into small townships, radiated wastelands and, of all things, turnip farms. There were plenty of suggested factions to work with but the one that I ran with was the idea of mutants and abhumans – this seemed to offer abundant conversion potential which is by far the part of the hobby I like best.

I had a theme, I had a deadline (the first campaign day would be the beginning of Feb 2023), and I had an abundance of random sprues. Let’s go.