Wildwood Meadows

Flocking Begins

I have started flocking the blood bowl pitch. It’s a really fun stage cause it’s when things are starting to come together.

First, using a pipette I soak the previous layer with “wet water” – water with yet more washing up liquid. Just like washing a model, this breaks the surface tension letting the water soak completely and evenly into the surface. Then I pipette Scenic Cement on top of that – because the surface is thoroughly wet, the glue spreads throughout the surface accomplishing two things – sealing and fixing the previous layer of scatter material, and making the next layer stick. Then I scatter the next layer, let it dry, then brush excess material off of the tile spacers and repeat the whole wet water/cement process again and again until all the layers are done.

After the soil is a layer of “Weeds” fine turf. Then “Green Blend” blended turf. Those two provide 90% of the grass. I generally avoided putting so much grass in the forested edges as from my observations of forests when I was walking in California (yes, I was thinking about terrain quite a lot on holiday!), the forest floor only has sparse grass.

After the bended turf comes “Forest Blend” underbrush for small plants and bushes, mostly laid around the pitch. Then my homemade “forest litter” mix – 3 types of tea (normal breakfast tea, camomile tea and earl grey, I think) and small roots that I sieved out of the soil. The forest litter obviously gets laid where trees will be on the final pitch – with just a smattering around the rest of the pitch.

Here are a few recent WIP photos where I have got pretty much up to that stage:

Still to do are longer grasses with static grass and army painter grass clumps, bigger bushes, trees, and some different coloured flocks for wild flowers.

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