Home Printed Transfers

I have a report on home transfer printing to make.

The transfers came out fairly sketchy – you can see that where the laser toner didn’t adhere well to the surface you get a sort of chipped paint effect.


I may have to fiddle with the printer settings at work, perhaps trying “transparency” setting – though I don’t have very many sheets of transfer paper to actually test things out on.

For my purposes here the flaked paint actually works very well – adding to the general decrepitude of the billboards as in the forest nature no doubt tends to break down anything artificial in time.


The actual transfer film is very thick, compared to what I’m used to with proper transfers. You could easily manhandle the transfer once it had come away from the backing paper.

The thickness and the flaky ink mean home/work printed transfers don’t yet seem to be at all useful for fine designs, so my plans for printing transfers for Gorfragg’s Gitflinga’s are out the window.

Incidentally, trees have been planted on the second half now.


Still left to do:

  • Paint up spites (forest spirits) and dot them around
  • Paint up the flag waver and horn blowers, and finish the waywatchers
  • A few more mushrooms to finish and plant
  • Undergrowth
  • Paint, add foliage to and magnetise the 3 citadel trees
  • Use water effects on the stream and waterfall
  • A few paint touch ups here and there
  • Fix the billboards in place
  • Create dugout signs, add transfers and fix them in place
  • Spray the pitch lines and LOS icon*
  • Line the second half of the case with faux leather*
  • Add clasps and carrying handle*
  • Line and magnetise the bottom panel of the pitch with faux leather and add turn and reroll track to the inside of the panel*

* If I do these first, it will be transportable/playable and the rest can be added in time!

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