Wildwood Meadows

Hyper Detailing

Today I have been hyperdetailing with undergrowth, various scatter materials, more bushes, hoardings, Wood Elf spites (from the new Treeman kit), mushrooms (which are now fly agaric mushrooms, i.e. red with white dots, to make them stand out more), and signs etc… These photos were taken before the full addition of 21 spites, so they are sadly lacking here, but I’m sure you’ll see them eventually!

Many of the hoardings are removable.   Attaching them behind the dugouts is pleasing because before there was a bit of an odd void there where I have been unable to plant trees.  The hoardings allow me to attach extra foliage behind them, filling the artificial gap in the forest somewhat.

The amount of removable stuff means I’ve had to draw up a guide to attaching the removable hoardings and trees to the pitch when setting up the pitch for play!

I return to my list of things to do…

  • Paint up spites (forest spirits) and dot them around – DONE
  • Paint up the flag waver and horn blowers, and finish the waywatchers
  • A few more mushrooms to finish and plant – DONE
  • Undergrowth – DONE
  • Paint, add foliage to and magnetise the 3 citadel trees
  • Use water effects on the stream and waterfall
  • A few paint touch ups here and there – DONE
  • Fix the billboards in place – DONE
  • Create dugout signs, add transfers and fix them in place – DONE
  • Spray the pitch lines and LOS icon*
  • Line the second half of the case with faux leather*
  • Add clasps and carrying handle*
  • Line and magnetise the bottom panel of the pitch with faux leather and add turn and reroll track to the inside of the panel*

So, almost everything that isn’t essential to being able to play on the bloody thing!

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