Finish Your Stuff ChallengeInq28 & Inquisimunda

Ministorum Preacher & Arco Flagellant

A preacher, Melchior Mathis.  He’s made from an old Empire Sigmarite Priest – fantastic little models to work from, if quite a pain to cut, file and sand away some of the original model (in this case the sheild bearing left arm was particularly difficult).

Orlock right arm, left arm and pistol from the new sky dwarves and the pistol has a flamer canister added to turn it into flamer.  Head from the Empire flagellants.

40k Converted Ministorum Peacher & Servo Skull



An arco flagellant, Zephonites-386.  Ghoul legs and a torso from a bloodreaver of Khorne.  Ghoul lower head with the upper helmet from a necron deathmark.

40k Kitbashed Arco Flagellant

The arco flails are made from putty using a tube tool and the injectors are all various diameters of plasticard rod carefully combined and glued into holes drilled into the model.

These models were completed for October’s “finish your stuff challenge” on Yaktribe, along with the ruined city sector built in two days.

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