Guild Ball Butchers Guild

Guild Ball is a sort of mashup of medieval “low” fantasy and football.  I was first attracted to it by the superficial similarity to Blood Bowl the beautiful artwork, and the fact you only need 6 models to play.  I started playing a few games using the free paper dollies that Steamforged Games make available on their site.  It’s nothing like Blood Bowl of course, but I still got hooked by the gameplay and it wasn’t long before I picked up the models for the Butchers Guild – chosen because I really liked almost all the models and their play style is very direct and bashy which is unlike anything I play in Blood Bowl or 40k.

The game received a lot of praise for the quality of the sculpts on the models which is generally well deserved, although as you will see as I work my way through the characters there are some notable bad sculpts that needed fixing and for the metal models I had, lots of weak joins and delicate parts that require careful pinning and reinforcing.  As the models are metal or resin, and monopose, Guild Ball is not really a game designed with converters in mind, but I still found opportunities to personalise some of the characters.

Below I’m adding one post for each Butchers player.  The posts start with the assembly and conversions and later I will update them with final painted pictures.  I’ll not be taking WIP photos of the painting as this project log is mainly here to illustrate how I dealt with the issues described above for assembly and modification of the models.


Ox is the team captain and is a bit of a beast, able to give and take a significant amount of punishment as well as buffing the rest of...
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Fillet is the season 2 team captain.  Seasons are how Steamforged advances the story, introduces new characters and veteran versions of old characters.  Fillet changes the style of...
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Boar is the guilds “big guy” and according to most Butcher’s players (including me) a critical piece in the team lineup from a gaming perspective.  Few other models in...
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Shank is described as a winger.  He’s incredibly fast and under the right circumstances is able to quite easily make a turn 1 charge and deal a lot...
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In season 1 Meathook was rarely played by Butchers players due to her underwhelming rules.  She gained a bit more popularity in Season 2 due to her synergy...
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Boiler (right) is the team’s apprentice.  He’s just a kid, yet has an interesting array of enabling abilities for the rest of the team and in the right...
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Princess – a bulldog – is the teams mascot. Somewhat inexplicably for such a tiny model, Princess comes in three parts, with two of her legs being separate....
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Brisket is the teams striker and the source of some controversy since she’s actually pretty good at scoring, and many players think this makes the Butcher’s too good...
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The Ball & Goal

In Guild Ball it’s common to make a custom goal marker.  Since the characters available to you are dictated by the background of the game, and the models...
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